Artificial Intelligence for a Threat-Free World

Defining the Standard for Security Innovation and Efficiency

Advanced, technologically-capable security checkpoints to combat the world's toughest threats. Based on the most recent advancements from industry, computer science, and cognitive science research.

Advancing Security

Synapse Technology was founded in 2016. Bringing together years of cognitive science research and the latest advances in artificial intelligence, Synapse Technology set out to enhance detection at security checkpoints worldwide.

In 2017, Synapse Technology established relationships with regulators worldwide to begin pioneering the rollout of enhanced algorithms at checkpoints. Synapse Technology proved the platform was viable and announced product compatibility with major X-Ray OEMs.

Synapse Technology established the Global Airport Innovation Network (GAIN) in 2018, welcoming several founding members, including Narita Airport (NRT), Arlanda Airport (ARN), Schipol Airport (AMS), San Jose Airport (SJC), and several others.

Synapse Technology partnered with Astrophysics Inc. to integrate Syntech ONE into tens of thousands of security checkpoints around the world.

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Bruno Faviero

MIT Computer Science Alumnus. Founding Managing Partner of Dorm Room Fund Boston. As one of the earliest employees at Kensho, Bruno executed in client-facing engineering and product roles.

Daniel Vinson

Worked on IP security cameras developing cloud software, bringing years of hardware and integration experience.

Gordon Hart

McGill alumnus in Computer Science. Worked in robotics, control systems, and technical operations at Pensa Labs and OpenTrons. At Synapse Technology, Gordon focuses on machine integration and product deployment.

Ian Cinnamon

MIT Brain and Cognitive Science alumnus. Sold his startup, superlabs, to Zynga. Led Immunity Project through Y Combinator as one of the incubator's first nonprofits. Forbes 30 Under 30 Recipient.

Jay Patel

Stanford Computer Science Masters in AI and HCI. Worked on Google Knowledge Graph and helped build early Kite, an AI-powered programming assistant. Jay did research in crowdsourcing systems and deep learning for satellite imagery at Stanford.

Lenny Tran

Lenny brings his military leadership experience to advanced technology startups. A veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan, Lenny has extensive experience scaling business operations.

Madeline Zimmerman

Harvard Economics alumnus. Worked in investment banking at Evercore, Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank. Served as Co-President of Harvard Women in Business, the largest business organization at Harvard.

Mohamed Elgendy

Mohamed has more than a decade of experience managing and scaling engineering organizations, including most recently at Amazon where he also designed and taught Amazon’s inaugural AI and computer vision programs. He is passionate about growing and developing engineers: he is the author of the forthcoming book “Deep Learning for Computer Vision” and developed and taught Udacity’s first courses in AI and machine learning.

Simanta Gautam

MIT Computer Science and Electrical Engineering alumnus. Carried out artificial intelligence research in industry (Clarifai, Microsoft) and academia (MIT, Harvard). Worked at NASA, where he was among the first to introduce deep learning to remote sensing.

Steven Yang

MIT Computer Science alumnus. Co-founder and engineer #1 of Direct Hit (acquired by Ask Jeeves in 2000), and founder of MathScore.com. Steven has a passion for building meaningful products.

Anja Manuel

Author, former diplomat and advisor on emerging markets, Anja Manuel is Co-Founder and Principal along with former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, former National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley and former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates.

Gale Rossides

Original member of team that created TSA after 9/11. Served as Deputy Administrator for five years, and as Acting Administrator in 2009 and 2010

Major General (ret.) Spider Marks

Major General (ret.) Marks is a military analyst and homeland security expert.

Mark Robertson

Former Associate General Counsel for the Department of Homeland Security Science & Technology Directorate.

Will Anderson

Former Intellectual Property Counsel and the Deputy Associate General Counsel for the Department of Homeland Security Science & Technology Directorate.

Marie-Caroline Laurent

Former Assistant Director of EU Affairs and Former Assistant Director Security, IATA.

Anne Marie Pellerin

Former Executive Director of TSA Checkpoint of the Future at TSA. Represented DHS/TSA to France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC).

Nathanial Wish

Founder and Managing Partner at Responder Ventures, a VC firm dedicated to supporting innovation in the public safety sector. Nate is a Reserve Deputy Detective Sheriff, successful entrepreneur and a Managing Member of Wish Investments, a single family office. 

Doug Jeffrey

West Point graduate and military veteran with over 20 years of enterprise sales & management expertise.

Mark Triplett

Vice President of Intellectual Property at Sonos. Leading expert in defensive and offensive patents in the software-hardware interchange.

Dr. Jeremy Wolfe

Harvard Medical School Professor, runs the Visual Search and Attention lab out of Brigham & Women's Hospital. Widely considered to be the world's leading expert on visual search.